is now in beta, so we think it’s a good time to fill you in on who we are and what we do in our sparkly world.

Ever wish you could just wave a magic wand and the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list would magically appear?

We’ve wished this countless times.

It’s difficult to figure out the best gift to buy a loved one. You might take a wild guess, perhaps informed by what you (think you) know about them, or you might go the unimaginative but generally safe gift voucher/flowers route. Sometimes you might completely miss the mark, and in the worst cases, you might even damage a relationship.

What if there was a solution to help dramatically narrow down the best gift options for someone and take the stress out of gift-giving?


We launched our new site without much fanfare given the state of the world right now. Although this isn’t how we originally envisioned kicking off, we still wanted to move forward quietly because even the smallest gifts can really turn someone’s day around – and we could all use a little more joy in our lives right now!

Once upon a time… is the brainchild of friends, Jen Sale and Luke Peake. We grew up together in Brisbane, Australia, and happened to end up working in the same industry.

In a conversation that will be all too familiar to many people, we were trying ­(and failing) to come up with awesome gift ideas for our family and friends in December 2019.

Since we’re both in the online industry, we thought that tech tools could help us, but we were surprised to find that nothing existed that could generate gift ideas that were highly targeted to a recipient’s personality traits and unique interests.

You know how some major online shopping platforms give you suggestions based on your previous purchases in the form of “You might also like…”?

Well, these items never seem to be things I actually want to buy, and sometimes they’re just replicas of something I’ve already purchased or are loosely based on super generic pinpoints like gender or age.

That just isn’t going to cut it. If it can’t even correctly identify something we’d like to buy for ourselves, it’s going to fail spectacularly when it comes to people we don’t know as well.

This got us thinking…

What if we could identify an individual’s personality traits and interests using different data points, and use that info to curate billions of products for sale online and then pinpoint the absolute best gift ideas for that individual?

That, my friends, is the end goal for

By combining personality marketing, AI technology, user-friendly UI/UX and the biggest and best online retailers, Sparkly will make great gift-giving, simple and stress-free ­– and we’re so excited to share it with you because when you get someone the perfect gift, everybody wins!

We are very excited about our next updates, so stay tuned! We’ll be constantly optimising our smart tech to better understand our users and refine our suggestions.

We are still in beta right now, and we know we’re not perfect – at least not yet! We welcome any feedback, so please get in touch.